DC7016 Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

DC7016 Medium/Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

Finishes: Aluminum (US26D) and Dark Bronze (US10B)

  • Traditional American style heavy duty closer for commercial doors
  • Precise cast aluminum body & forged steel arm, hold open arm optional
  • 3 Valves: Adjustable closing speed, latching speed & backcheck
  • Adjustable backcheck valve come standard with our model, giving more control over the competition
  • Brackets and Soffit Plate to allow Regular-Top Jamb-Parallel Arm Installation. 
  • Non-handed installation
  • Adjustable spring force #1-6
  • ANSI 156.4 certification 2 millions life cycle
  • ADA Compliant Door Closer
  • UL certification 3 hours fire rating
  • SPRING FORWARD, EASE BACK: The commercial-grade arm won’t interfere with opening while closing doors slowly enough to allow graceful entrance and exit
  • GENTLE, HANDS-FREE CLOSING: Let the door do the work. Enjoy automatic closing and latching, maintaining quiet and security
  • ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR NEEDS: Let customers go their own pace. You get 6 levels of closing power to suit any level of traffic
  • CERTIFIABLY RELIABLE: ANSI 156.4 – Grade 1 is the highest standard achievable for Door Closers. This one has actually surpassed a test to 2 million + cycle
  • FITS WHERE YOU NEED IT: The surface mount design and tri pack options (standard, top jamb and parallel arm mounting options), allow you to install this over any high-traffic area while providing complete control
  • Compare to:  Norton 1600 series, LCN 1260, Sargent 1130, Dorma 7400 Series, Yale 50BC series, Arrow 900N series, Stanley D1650, Lawrence LH5016

Your Solution to High-Traffic Entrances and Exits & Piece of Mind Security

Whether at a school, store, condo, healthcare facility, factory, office and other buildings, people are streaming in and out all day. You need a reliable, durable method of controlling security and maintaining the building’s doorway, especially where there is increased usage. ANSI A156.4 tested and certified to meet your needs, the DC8016 Lynn Hardware Grade 1 Door Closer is designed for heavy duty commercial applications. Grade 1 is the highest standard achievable for Door Closers, and this one has actually surpassed a test to 2 million + cycles

Knowing that function and smoothness is the most important function of your door, this door closer furnishes complete freedom of movement into and out of your space. The commercial-grade arm won’t interfere when opening and closing the door. You can easily adjust this closer to allow an easy entrance and exit, letting you enjoy automatic, hands-free closing and latching. The Lynn Hardware DC7016 Commercial door closer is UL listed, functioning properly even in cold climates (up to -40°F) or hot climates (up to 150°F) and is listed for a 3 hour fire rated opening.

Other Specifications to Note

  • Item Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Screw/bolt Pattern: 9-1/16″ c-c width x 3/4″ c-c height
  • Footprint H: 1-3/4” (44mm) W: 9-5/8” (244mm) Projection: 2-3/4” (70mm)
  • Box Dimensions: 13”x 4”x 3.5”